Gas Stove For Sale 2 Burners Built in Glass Cast Iron Pan Support Safety Device
Gas Stove For Sale 2 Burners Built in Glass Cast Iron Pan Support Safety Device
Gas Stove For Sale 2 Burners Built in Glass Cast Iron Pan Support Safety Device

Item specifics

200 pcs
7mm thickness tempered glass(8mm is optional)
Cast iron/Aluminum burner is optional
Burner Cap
Heavy brass burner cap
Metal knob
Pan Support
Heavy cast iron pan support
Flame Failure Device
Gas Type
LPG/NG gas is optional
Color/Brown box is optional
NO. Of Burner
2 Burner



CFGH-G27501 Built-in Gas Cooking Stove
1.High Heat Output This 2 burner tempered glass gas cooker is powered by with piezo ignition, so there is no need for cumbersome start-up and it can heats up quickly.
2.Tempered Glass Panel : The surface is easy to clean after cooking. The sleek and modern design provides a beautiful and generous appearance in the kitchen.
3.High Quality Pan Support :  The iron material provides durability and lasting life for usage,more stable and support heavy woks.
4.Flame Failure Safety Device (Option) : The thermocouple flame-out failure device system(FFD) will shut off the gas automatically (3-5 seconds) if a flame is not detected to ensure your safety in an emergency.
CFGH-G27501 Gas Cooktop Parameters
2 burner tempered glass built in gas hob
Model No.
Product Size(mm):
Burner  (mm):
Aluminum Alloy Burner
Cutting Size(mm):
Surface Panel:
Tempered Glass
Install Type:
Burner Cap :
Heavy Brass Burner Cap 
Safety Device:
Applicable fuel:
Hole Diameter(mm):
CFGH-G27501 Gas Cooktop Features
  • Durable Quality--Made of Tempered Glass panel and durable pan support.
  • Compact Size & Space Saving--The built-in gas stove is compact and lightweight so you can move them around.
  • Easy to Clean--the stove surface is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safety Performance--Flame failure system is optional to prevent the risk of gas leakage .
CFGH-G27501 Gas Cooktop Details
Brass burner cap for gas hob
tempered galss built-in gas hob
durable pan support for gas hob
metal knob for gas hob
Durable Brass Burner Cap 
The burner cap is brass cap, has a uniquely designed flow guide to optimize gas combustion and improve energy efficiency.  
Easy to Clean Surface and Stove Body  
The gas stove is made of tempered galss surface panel  for  durability and effortless cleaning.
Durable Pan Support

The surface is matte black enamel ,with out any burrs or shape edges.The durable, continuous cast iron grates allow you to slide a variety of heavy pots and pans across burners.

Metal Knob

The knob is mainly made of high quality zinc alloy material.
The material is strong and durable,waterproof,corrosion, wear resistance, safe use, and can be used for a long time.